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Be it a local collegiate 5k or a Gears of War Major Event for $200,000, UGC Events brings cutting edge production along with state of art media production. With UGC Events, every event is major.

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We are the Ultimate Gaming Championship

The Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC), one of the eSports industry’s fastest growing brands, was founded by members of the gaming community, and provides cutting-edge production and exclusive media content. The UGC continually innovates to lead the way in multimedia broadcasting, live tournament organization, digital infrastructure, merchandising and experiential events.

More About Us

What we do best.


Experiential events are our specialty. From custom props to cosplay, our events are immersive.


The UGC Design team excels in creating exciting and brand specific artwork to accompany any event.


Lead by the team at UGC Studios, UGC Events have industry leading audio and video streams.

Digital Content

We create exciting custom video and social media assets from scratch to accompany our events.