Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC), a leading esports events company, was founded by members of the gaming community to provide cutting-edge production and exclusive media content. With an unmatched team of industry veterans and creatives, UGC is able to continually innovate the esports atmosphere from multimedia broadcasting, live tournament operations, digital infrastructure, merchandising, and content management.

Since 2004, when founder Matt Jackson developed his own local area network (LAN) center to host local tournaments, UGC has thrived on the idea of innovation and delivering experiential events to its attendees and live stream audiences.

In 2014, the UGC formed an official structure to support the global community of professional players and a tournament structure utilizing emerging technologies. Events now feature three-dimensional printing, digital fabrication, prototyping, customization and broadcasting. The UGC understands the esports ecosystem only exists because of community involvement; therefore, it provides the community with features currently not offered by any other tournament organizer.

As the fastest-growing brand in the industry, the UGC does not rest on its laurels. Instead, the UGC is committed to developing an online matchmaking and ranking structure aimed to bring together novices, intermediates and professionals alike. This online platform will streamline the process for amateurs to become recognized on the global esports scene. In an effort to broaden awareness of the industry at-large, and galvanize the UGC’s commitment to expanding the reach of esports for future generations, the UGC has initiated a series of collegiate events and marketing campaigns. From a media perspective, the UGC continues to devote resources to the production of on-demand, original content to create esports awareness and ensure the consistency of the UGC’s brand.

As the events and tournament organization arm of The Ultimate Gaming Championship, UGC Events strives to put on the best event possible every time out. By leveraging our highly experienced staff, our industry leading equipment pool and always staying true to our vision of esports, we ensure that every UGC Events production is not just an event but an experience.

Who we are.

The UGC Events Management Team.

Matt Jackson

Founder & CEO

With over ten years industry experience, Matt began his esports career by opening a local area network (LAN) center in Southern Illinois, followed by developing a brand to host experiential events for players, developers and gaming enthusiasts. Driven by a passion for video games and competition, he has assisted UGC esports growth to a global audience.

Everett Hicks

President & COO

Everett brings an extensive business strategy and technical background to the UGC Management Team. Spearheading the reorganization of the company, Everett has been involved with every facet of the UGC. From original content creation and broadcast to experiential events to an online interactive esports platform, the future is very bright for the UGC.

Tony Burke

Media Director

With an extensive video production, advertising and freelance background, Tony has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to top celebrities. Since pivoting to eSports in 2016, he continues to direct behind the scenes on every UGC broadcast and live event to bring players and spectators top caliber productions.

Nik Jennings

Art Director

Nik is one part creative generalist and five parts living meme. Utilizing his traditional art background and creative eye, Nik has introduced a new approach to graphical representation in esports. He has worked with top celebrities, streamers, and esports professionals. Moving forward he will continue to innovate in esports fashion, design, and graphics.

RJ Hall

Events & Esports Coordinator

After spending six years in the US Army, RJ realized his dream of working in esports and pursued it aggressively. With extensive leadership and organizational skills RJ leads the esports and event coordination for the UGC events team.

Eric Hicks

Events & Esports Coordinator

Joining the UGC team in 2017, Eric uses his extensive knowledge of esports and competitive gaming to help coordinate the UGC's live and online competitions. Eric is a life long gamer and a super fan of Halo.

Josh Webb

UGC Store & Merchandising

With 2 years of formal Graphic Design education, Josh joined the UGC team as a junior Graphic Designer heading up the merchandise and store production, as well as assisting the rest of the team in other areas.

Zac Calvert

Events Team

Zac is a life long gamer and passionate fan of esports. As a valuable member of the UGC Events team, Zac is responsible for many of the administrative needs of UGC Events.

Jordan Henry

Media Team

Jordan joined the UGC team in 2016, helping behind the scenes in production at events. He uses his management experience, organizational and creative skills, and passion for esports to enhance the online viewer experience, through social media, during our events.
The Ultimate Gaming Championship’s competition organization arm, UGC Esports, proudly supports a variety of demographics within the competitive gaming space.

By leveraging the UGC Esports’s online esports platform custom tournament and league management services, we provide our competitors with the ranking and social systems that will allow the competitor to build their esports portfolio, rank and reputation.

UGC Esports is set to launch mid 2018!