In partnership with HCS Grassroots, Ultimate Gaming Championship is proud to bring Halo Classic to the East Coast this September. Halo Classic will feature a Halo 3  double-elimination bracket to be played on Master Chief Collection.

TEAM PASS  - $225
  • 3-day access
  • 4 Player Passes (4v4)
  • 1 Coach Pass (optional)
  • 3-day access
  • 3-day access
  • 2 Player Passes
  • 3-day access
  • 1 FFA Player Pass
HALO 5 2v 2  TEAM PASS - $80
  • 3-day access
  • 2 Player Passes
VIP PASS - $100
  • 3-day access
  • Custom metal badge
  • VIP Merch Package
  • Access to VIP lounge

September 6-8





Halo 3 (MCC XB1)


Atlantic City, NJ

  • Watch world's best Halo players compete across a number of franchise favorites
  • An immersive esports experience that will transform the Showboat Hotel into a Halo universe
  • Free-play, leading gaming gear, comic and fan art, collectibles and much more
  • Play laser tag at the Halo Classic in a 7,000 sqft indoor space
  • Three evenings of amazing after-parties at the venue


Back in January, we made history by putting together the largest classic Halo LAN in almost a decade. Now, we’re ready to do it again. From the snow-blanketed streets of St. Louis to the warm, sunny beaches of Atlantic City - we’re delighted to bring you the Halo Classic through the weekend of September 6th.

UPDATE: Due to volume of participants and event activations we've upgraded our venue to the Showboat Atlantic City 
to meet capacity demands of the Halo Classic. 


Earlier this year, the superteam of TOX raised the prestigious Halo Classic 4v4 trophy above their heads after Denial’s thrilling run through the lower bracket. Almost six months later, in partnership with Halo Championship Series and Caesars Palace, we’ll furnish yet another competitive background for oldschool Halo competitors and newcomers alike to skirmish through the most distinguished tournament in modern Halo.







Hotel and Venue:

Showboat Hotel

Press and Media:


If you would like to attend the Halo Classic as press or media please complete this application and we will get back to you. Serious inquiries only.




For more information on event scheduling, please see our event handbook.


Everything attendees need to know from hotel information to game rulesets. Keep this handy.

Halo: Combat Evolved makes it return to the Halo Classic this September in Atlantic City. The doubles side tournament will take place at the venue from Saturday to Sunday (September 7-8) and feature a double-elimination format as well as a the lion’s share of a $2,000 prize pool for the best pair of Magnums in the Midwest. We're happy to announce UGC will furnish an authentic competitive arena for our Halo: CE 2v2 by utilizing original Xbox systems with NHE installed and CRT televisions. Duke Controllers optional.




Halo CE (XBOX)




More info




The Masters Status initiative is a class that will award the Top 8 competitors in score following the final Halo Classic online qualifier on August 24. Masters Status teams will be offered an exclusive package of perks ahead of the Halo Classic that includes:



-Two (2) hotel rooms across four (4) nights in Atlantic City [September 5-8]


-Admittance into Championship Pool


-Invitation to Media Day on Thursday, September 5


-Idyllic views of Atlantic City and inclusive catering on Thursday


-VIP Accommodations



To be eligible for Masters Status, a team must: Place among the top eight in combined score across all Halo Classic online qualifiers Attend Media Day promptly by 2:00PM on Thursday, September 5 at designated location Have your team featured on the primary broadcast of the Halo Classic alongside unique content creation from our team of seasoned media professionals. With this, teams will be offered select VIP accommodations including a tour of Atlantic City, Media Day catering and expedited entry into the event.


Important: Teams unable to attend Media Day on September 5 at designated time will NOT be eligible for Masters Status perks.


Teams which have qualified as Masters Status will receive further contact with information on bookings, accommodation and instruction following the Halo Classic online qualifier series.